We offer a One-Stop-Shop approach using unrivaled local intelligence and a network of trusted partners to provide the independent and institutional property buyer with efficient and rapid access to the Parisian property market.

Free client needs analysis and financial assessment:

What you want to do and why? - A property investment for the long term market or short term? A second home or even just a pied a terre? Do you want to renovate? How do you want to finance the project? - It can be advantageous to loan in Euros for a French property with often preferable local interest rates and the possibility to use local rental revenues to balance repayments without costly currency transfers.  And you don't keep all your assets in one currency - a hedge against exchange rate changes.  Just a few of the points we discuss and help clarify with you.

Free Property Search:

We use our unrivaled network of Parisian property partners, agents and private sellers to set up a portfolio of properties customized to your needs.


Our free visiting service in the Parisian area is really the best in class.  For the typical small property investor we'll need just 2-3 days of your time in one of the most beautiful and most loved cities in the world to view and assess properties.  It can hardly be considered a task in fact.

We view properties with you, assessing each property and check each one to see how it fits with your plans.

Negotiations and Purchase:

The true power of our representation becomes apparent at this point.  With our unique commission structure we work for you, using our years of experience to lower the price expectations of the sellers both for your benefit and ours.  If we have a particularly good negotiation we can even end up costing you nothing - and with our fee calculation never exceeding 4.9% and our track record average of a 7.8% price reduction, that's more often than not!

Following a successful negotiation we manage the entire purchase process and can even sign all the documentation for you by Limited power of Attorney - a blessing when you return home, knowing that experienced professionals are handling everything for you.


We will not leave you dangling!  We'll connect the electricity, gas, water and the telephone.  We'll even connect the internet! And for the following six months after a purchase we'll always be there to offer telephone support.


If you want to really play, buying a property in need of renovation at a discount can be the best way to see a rapid increase in value.  And of course you can finish with an apartment just how you like it.  Contact us for further details of our renovation services.


If you need advice on the valuation or resale of your previously purchased Parisian apartment or real estate investment, we are happy to help.  Need a quick valuation?  Why not try our Paris apartment value calculator!

Parisian Property Consulting - From Concept to Key