About Us

Parisian Property Consulting specialises in helping individual and institutional purchasers enter the Parisian property market with the minimum amount of fuss possible.  By leveraging a wide range of competences through our unrivalled network of agents, financiers and property development partners, our success rate is second to none.

How do we do it?

Simple: We take our role as consultants seriously.  Rather than pushing for a quick sale, we take the time to listen to our clients needs and pride ourselves in offering balanced advice in the interests of the client.

Our logic is simple: by securing a good deal for our clients, the majority of whom consider their Parisian real estate purchase as an investment as well as frequently a second-home, we hope they will decide to come back.  And time and time again they have.

So, if you are a small or large investor, take a browse through our current property listings or simply  get in touch.

€ bientôt!

Parisian Property Consulting

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248 rue du faubourg St Martin, 75010 Paris, France
(RCS Paris B 452 209 711, Carte T 14138)

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MB, Geneva, Switzerland

" ... was very impressed by your service and flexibility. You certainly made the process of buying in Paris an easier one."

KM, St Croix, Virgin Islands, USA

" ... Thanks for guiding us through the whole process from beginning to end. ... You really understand the Parisian market and negotiated some really impressive price concessions from owners... We are incredibly pleased both with the ease of purchase and the level of after-sales service. I would thoroughly recommend your services to the American real-estate investor. Bravo!"

WB, London, United Kingdom

"... sorted me out with everything: an investment apartment, bank account, rental management company and even a mortgage with a French company at lower interest rates than I would have got in the UK. I'm set up now to take advantage of Paris property market gains that would be virtually impossible to achieve on the current UK market at the moment. I have only one piece of advice: stop thinking about it and do it!..."

TS, Skokie, IL, USA

"Many thanks for the world class service of Parisian Property Consulting...!"

NKAD, Kansas City, IL

"...I am happy to spread the good word...Obviously I am sold - I'm on my third purchase with you! ;-) "